MAC Wi-Fi Connection Issues – How to resolve them

For many of us, Wi-Fi has become the most convenient and effective way to connect our MAC computers to other network devices and internet. However, being an internet user, we all face connectivity issues with our internet. When it happens, there are some quick fixes that you can use to diagnose and fix the problem.

Change the Place of Router – One of the most basic things that you can do to fix the problem is to change the place of your router, you MAC or both.

Move nearer to the router. The more you sit away from your router, the more the power of signals decrease, thereby giving connection issues. Therefore, if you are using a laptop or even a desktop, try placing your router nearby so that you have good signal strength.

Also try moving other metal devices sitting near your router like microwave, window coatings, pipes in the walls, wires, etc. these electronic devices have the power to obstruct the wifi signals and decrease the signal strength. Therefore try and move your devices and see if you find any change.

You can even try changing the radio power of the router to see if the signal improves. There are some routers that come with the option of changing radio power. By doing this, it will not only boost the quality of signal your MAC receives but also help in increasing the range of the router. If this option is there, then set it to maximum.

Noise and Signals – Wi-Fi connection is a form of radio transmission. Signals are passed to and from your MAC computer and router with the help of transmitters and both the receivers are tuned into same frequency. There are two factors that determine the receiving and transmission of data through Wifi: The signal strength between the computer and the router and the volume of interference that is “noise”. Your MAC has the ability to use both the functions to maintain a good wifi connection. You can check the activity by opening the Utilities from Window menu and open the performance tab. You would be able to see the two graphs – one showing the signal and the other showing noise. If the levels of noise graph increase, the possibility of you loosing the connection gets higher.

Hardware and Software issues – Even if after trying the solutions above, you still face problems, then it’s time that you check software or hardware problems in MAC and in your router. By performing these tasks below, you can evade some of the problems:-

Powercycling the router first by turning it off and then turning back on after 60 seconds

Upgrade your routers firmware

By using Wi-Fi menu, enable and disable MAC Wi-Fi connection

Clear your MAC’s network settings by visiting the Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ folder and eliminating the subsequent configuration files such as: NetworkInterfaces.plist;, Once completed, restart the computer and setup your wifi connection again.

Upgrade your operating system to the newest version

Turn of the firewalls and antivirus programs

There are possibilities that by performing some of these tasks you are able to cure the problem.

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