Blue Screen Error ? Don’t Panic! Here Are Some Tricks To Solve It

Have you wondered why your computer showing blue screen?

It usually means that there is something wrong with the computer. There are so many reasons because of which the problem has raised. For a normal computer user, this error could mean the end of the world.

Well! Here are some tips below that you can take to troubleshoot your system whenever you see a blank blue screen on your computer. We often think that any problem with the computer is a big problem. But most of the times, the problem isn’t quite complex as it looks. It could be as simple as some hardware might have failed or may be some kind of virus has messed up with the registries, etc. These tips can help you do some troubleshooting yourself without relying on anyone.

Boot with Safe Mode

The moment you see a blue screen on your monitor, turn off the power of your computer. The moment it turns back up, press F8 to get you directly in advanced boot options. Keep pressing the down arrow until you reach Safe mode with Networking is enabled and press enter. In case you are suspicious about some virus infecting the system and will connect to the internet the moment you would boot up, then choose the option Safe mode. You need to keep a close eye the moment you press enter after the selection. Since your computer is running in safe mode, it would scroll through each driver individually. If you return with an error, then possibly that driver is causing the issue. Uninstall the driver and reinstall it.

Check for hardware Issues

If you don’t find any issue with the drivers, check if there are any hardware conflicts. In order to confirm, go to control panel → click on system → click device manager – go through each device individually and look for any yellow accent icon → if you find any, then it means your hardware is conflicting → open up the driver and you would get a pop up message which will tell where is the problem → in case you don’t find any conflicts then move to the next step

Do complete systems Scan –

Once you are in safe mode, it is the best to run Spyware, Adware, Virus and Registry Scans. In case if there is a virus in your system which tries to disable any application, it would disable it at this point. You should also run an antivirus scan. In case you don’t have it on your computer then it’s time to get one. Apart from this, run a registry scan as well. The little registry cleaner app can check your registry for any unknown problems.

Lastly, if you have tried everything and still no respite from the blue screen then reboot your computer again and press F8. This time, select “Last known Good Configuration.” By doing this your computer will return back to booting using the last configuration when a successful boot took place. This would resolve the problem most of the time.

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