Checklist To See Printing Problems

You have worked overnight on a presentation for an important meeting. You are already late for the meeting, and at the last moment, your printer stops working. This is the most frustrating situation one can face, and it also prevents you from achieving your goals. The last thing you want to do right now is to put on your troubleshooting cap and start fixing the problem. If you are in an office, there are technicians to work and solve your problem, but if you face this problem at home, then you can follow these basic diagnostic steps to resolve your printing problem.

Check for Consumables

There could be two possible reasons for your printer to stop printing. Your printer can automatically go into offline mode or the cartridges in your printer must have got finished, etc. If your printer is offline, it will give you an error message “Printer is offline.” To make it online:-

  • Go to control panel
  • Select printers and faxes
  • Select the printer you have installed
  • Uncheck the printer is offline
  • The printer should come online

Other than this, if your cartridges are out of ink then also you would get the error message. Change the cartridges and try printing again.

Check for Cables

See if all the cables are connected properly. It is better to unplug all the cables, wait for 30 seconds and re-plug all the cables back. Once the system is booted, reconnect your printer and see if it’s printing. Sometimes, simply powercycling all the devices even solve the problem.

Printer Drivers

The drivers make the communication between the printer and the computer, thereby making your applications to send data for successful printing. Driver software is installed during the setup of the printer. Check and see if the printer drivers are disabled or enabled. Also, check if they are updated. Drivers need regular updating as well, therefore, with all the other updates in your operating system, make sure that even drivers are updated frequently. There is a possibility that the drivers installed today might not work tomorrow because of some data corruption. You can update the drivers from the printer’s manufacturer website.

Paused Queue

If you have given too many jobs for printing, due to printer queue in indeterminate state, every job you give to print lands up at the end of the pending queue because of which none of the printing jobs proceed to printing. Due to the printer’s onscreen management software, you can cancel the entire printer queue. The pauses would continue until you cancel all the jobs completely. If you look at the printer management software, you would be able to check and remove holds that prevent your printer from responding. Also check if the printer is on the standby mode. You can press the “online key” on the printer panel and see if it is printing.

That is not all, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer software as it might get corrupted due to any virus or malicious software.

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