Controlling the Speed and Overheating Problem of Laptop

Are you frustrated because your laptop runs slowly? Here are some quick fixes that you can use to speed up your laptop. However, remember one thing, laptops when they get too old are beyond repair. Therefore, if you have been using the same laptop for ages, then it’s time to invest in new one.

Steps to Improve Laptop speed

There are some common methods that apply to all laptops and desktops to improve the processing speed. Following these instructions below might be helpful:-

Remove unnecessary programs – If you do a thorough check of programs in your laptops, you would realise, there are many unwanted programs that you have installed to use “someday”. These programs can reduce the speed and slow down the performance. Therefore it is good to remove such programs that you have not been using and not sure when you would be using, as these programs are eating valuable resources of your computer. In order to remove these programs:-

Go to control Panel from the start menu

Click on add or remove programs

Click uninstall

Delete Temporary files and cookies – You don’t realise but cookies and temporary files get installed in your computer while downloading or surfing the internet, which can result in slow speed of your computer. You need to do a regular clean up activity of your computer to keep boost the speed.

Go to My computer or My PC

Right click on C:// drive

Run disk clean up

Perform Disk Fragmentation – Disk fragmentation is a way to keep your files and folders tidy. You can use this option under programs and system tools section. Disk fragmentation is a lengthy process so it might take some time to do it but the results will be phenomenal.

Fixing Overheating problem of Laptop

Overheating problem is common with computers and laptops. The reason of overheating is that your laptop is not receiving proper ventilation for the air flow. But there are certain things you can try to fix the problem, keep your laptop cooler and running efficiently.

Elevate the Laptop – Try putting a book or something below the batter of your laptop so that it elevate a little bit. The slight tilt will allow more air to flow under the laptop, making the temperature drop. But ensure the item is not blocking the fan hole.

Try and keep your laptop in a cool environment like where there is air conditioner. The temperature of the room will allow the system to cool and prevent it from overheating

You can buy a cooling mat as well to keep under your laptop. In case you are not able to find a cooling mat, then you should keep your laptops on hard surfaces rather than something soft.

Lower down the processor state of laptop. By clicking on battery, select more power options. Click on advanced settings. Click power management, then maximum and then power. Set both the options at 80%.

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