Having Problems with your computer?

If you own a computer and are a regular user, you are bound to receive some or the other kind of computer problems like sudden locking of computer, starting your computer, computer running slow, etc. Don’t worry you have landed exactly where you should be right now. No matter how big or small is your problem; there is a solution for everything.

You don’t need to be a hardcore computer professional or just a fix-it learner; these solutions will help you get your system back in no time. Just follow these simple rules and you would be out of your problem.

Common Issues with Computer system

Someone who uses computer on regular basis would know about error messages. Some of the most common issues seen are:-

  • Computer shutdown
  • Driver Problem
  • Internet connection problem
  • Slow running computer
  • Virus issue

There are different fixes for every problem. Let’s take this problem one by one and find easy solution.

Computer Automatically Shut down or Display issue 

Shutdown could be a problem due to many reasons – overheating, cables issue, virus, registry corrupted, etc. If your computer is kept at a closed place where there is no air, you might face problems with overheating. Try and change the place of the computer, check for cables and see all the cables are connected properly. Use registry mechanic to remove junk files from the computer.

Driver Problem

Drivers are an important part of your computer applications. For any application to run it needs appropriate drivers. But you could sometimes get error messages like, “problem with sound card or display card”, printer not working, usb not connecting. Chances are your drivers might have got corrupted or outdated. You need to regularly update your device drivers for them to work properly. To update drivers is very simple, just go to your device manufacturer’s website and look for device drivers compatible with your operating system and download them. It will automatically update the driver software.

Internet connection problem

This is one problem that most of us face these days. Internet connectivity is important today. One cannot imagine a day without internet and if it stops working then there is a problem either with the router, modem or your internet application. In all the cases, resetting the settings of your modem, router or software can solve many problems. Check cables, powercycle your modem or router,

change the settings of your router could solve these problems.

Slow Running of computer – This is a common problem if you are using your computer for long hours. You can delete programs you never use, defragment your hard drive, hard disk clean up, add more memory, turn off visual effects, run few programs at the same time. These are some solutions that you can use it regularly to increase the speed of your computer.

Virus Attacks – Every computer should have an antivirus installed. Viruses are very powerful programs that get installed in your computers without your consent. The antivirus software protects your computer from these malicious programs. But installing is not enough; you should regularly update your antivirus software as well.

If these seem a tedious task, you can always contact tech support team who is ready to help you even remotely via online.

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