How to Activate Windows 8 Manually

Though Windows is characteristically set to activate by design when you install it, however, you may face some troubles activating it. Therefore, you may have to manually activate it. By activating Windows we mean, it validates that your copy of Windows is only being used by your computer and not by others. It helps in preventing piracy.

When you install windows, you are asked for your activation key. Every licensed copy of windows has its own activation key. An activation key is nothing but a five groups of five characters each and this is a unique id for every copy of windows. It is kind of a proof that you have purchased windows legally. Although you would be able to download Windows for fee yet without the activation key provided by Microsoft, your version would not work for long.

So, if you’ve recently upgraded your windows to 8, or you weren’t able to get online after installing the new version, you’ll most likely need to activate your copy yourself. Below are some steps that you can use to solve the activate windows problem in your PC:-

Step#1: Once you have installed Windows 8, Go to start and click the run box. You can also use the shortcut as CTRL+R. in the open field type “regedit” and press enter or click OK

Step#2: By typing regedit, you are trying to open the registry editor. However, Windows will look for admin privileges to run the application. So, once you confirm, you would be able to open Registry editor. In this application look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Setup/OOBE/ and also look for key Mediabootinstall

Step#3: Now double click the Mediabootinstall. You would see the default value as 0, change it to 1. If you are unable to view the key, create a new 32-bit DWord and give the values.

Step#4: Once completed, close the Registry editor screen and go back to run the command prompt. You again need to run it as an administrator using the start screen. In order to do so, search for CMD and right click on the icon. Now select the option as “Run as Administrator

Step#5: Execute the command slmgr /rearm and then restart the computer when you are asked to

Once you have restarted your computer, go to system properties and try again to activate Windows 8. Most probably this time you would be able to do so. You would also be asked for the product activation key for the activation. Provide the activation key, and there you go, your Windows is activated now.

When you purchase your Windows 8.1, you are required to activate the Windows within a specific period of time in order to continue using it. Activating the program is simple and easy. Just follow the instructions and use the activation key in the installer’s package. But, in the case, you somehow not able to activate it do follow the steps mentioned above and it will probably fix it. In the case, you lose the activation key; there is a process to recover your lost key. Try searching on the internet and we are sure you would find the information.

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