How to Deal With a Blank Screen Even After the Computer is on ?

When you turn up the laptop to work on some urgent or pending project, it can’t be worse than anything else as when you switch it on, the light of the system appears, which shows the system is running, but you can’t see anything. The screen is black! This is bad news for you, right!

You might want to seek some professional help but you have to shed some bucks from your pocket. Before going to professional for help, you can follow up some simple steps just to make ensure that it’s not another minor error, which might save your trip as well as money.

Steps are as follows-

Please note that it is based on the assumption that nothing is showing on the screen not even the window sign and you can’t see any cursor blinking on the screen. Sometimes the hardware failure is the reason to blame but some minor things we ignore may play an important factor in determining what the actual fault here is. I will guide you step by step-

  • At first, check the monitor’s LED light, whether it is turned on, or if it is on while switching on the computer, the color of the LED is same as it does blink while the problem was not started? It might give you a clue about the problem of the monitor.
  • If the light is off, then make sure that the plug is in the right socket, and it is perfectly connected to the electric supply, if not try other socket.
  • Now make sure that the right connection has been made at the other end i.e. on the screen where the wire connects.
  • After making sure that both of the ends are getting electric supplies properly, then even after that the problem is not solved, then try to change the wire of the connection.
  • Even after that the problem persists, then try to connect the monitor to another system which is working properly, it will surly indicate about the problem whether it is fault in the system or inside the hardware of the monitor.
  • In case of monitor failure, it is time to seek professional help because the problem is inside the screen may be it is time to get a new monitor for your computer.

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