How To Deal With Slow Performance Of The Internet Connection

Slow internet connection is most hated across the globe. It even acts as nature’s call to go out and indulge in some real activities like playing, networking and others. Here are some of the smart ways which can help you in dealing with the slow performance of the internet connection in an influential manner.

Check your internet speed and do know your plan

Most of the time people complain about having a slow internet connection without giving any though to their data plan. In order to check the speed of your connection, just go to the Speed and perform a speed test. Now check the internet speed promised in your data plan, if it is similar, then you should simply bump up your data plan. In case, it isn’t, then your network provider is robbing you out and offering pettier slow performance.

Troubleshoot Your Hardware

Before complaining about the poor internet connections to your internet provider properly, check the components and perform a reset. Reset your modem and router, check the wiring and make sure there is no unwanted software on your system limiting the internet speed.

Fix your Wi-Fi signal

If you find that the hardware components like Wi-Fi router and internet connection is fine then you might be suffering weak signal strength. You will be required to reposition, tweak some setting of router and boost its performance by using various tricks available online. In most of the cases, wrong position of the Wi-Fi results in the weaker internet connection, therefore, make sure you had placed the router at the right place.

Turn off bandwidth hogging apps and plugins

There are number of apps and plugins available onthe computer and mobile system which keep hogging up the bandwidth. Even using certain software like torrents can seriously affect the speed of browsing. You can make use of in-built features to determine which apps and plugins are doing away with major portion of the speed and disable it from the settings.

Get a new DNS Server

DNS Server helps in looking up the websites requested by the user and translates it into computer friendly IP address. If you are facing persistent slow performance of the internet, then perform a check of the DNS server. You can change your DNS server by asking your internet service provider.

Call your internet provider

If you are still having slow connection, then give a call to your network provider and ask him to resolve this issue. Customer care executive can perform troubleshoot and can make you aware of the problems present in your system. If he is unable to resolve the issues then go ahead and get a new internet service provider.

Increase your productivity with slow connection

Various studies have shown having a slower internet connection makes a person more responsible and productive than the one having higher speed. In slow connection, you wouldn’t be spending your time fruitlessly waiting for the games, social networking sites and YouTube to load rather you will invest your time in performing those tasks which you first thought to accomplish on starting your PC.

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