How To Remove Toolbars From Chrome Firefox And Internet Explorer

Few years back, toolbars were one of the important things on our web browsers because they provide easy shortcuts to the websites or tools that we use frequently, but now they are nothing more than a mess. They add many unwanted things like:

  • It makes unwanted website as your homepage without your permission.
  • Pop up various annoying ads and searches.
  • They cover a lot of space in your browser.
  • Web browsing becomes slow and frustrating.
  • Sometimes forces you to uninstall the browser because of all the pop ups.

Toolbars are one of the main reasons of all the malicious things that are present in your computer. For example rootkit, it is capable of hijacking the browser and creates interference while using the browser. Industry refers them as PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program.

People sometimes assume these toolbars as virus because of all the ads and pop ups that appear out of nowhere. These toolbars support ads because of the monetary reasons. For example, iLivid media player when installed changes the homepage of your browser to, and it also installs the AVG search results toolbar. The biggest problem is you cannot restore your browser setting until you completely remove it from your computer.

Here are some of the toolbars that can cause infections in your computer:

  • Yahoo! Toolbar
  • Toolbar
  • Delta Toolbar
  • Babylon Toolbar
  • Toolbar
  • Softonic toolbar
  • Searchqu Toolbar
  • Funmoods Toolbar
  • Yontoo Toolbar
  • Sweet IM toolbar
  • DealPly Toolbar
  • IMinent Toolbar
  • Snap.Do Toolbar
  • PriceGong Toolbar

Whenever you install an application, always be aware of what you are installing because many applications have an option to install these software, which do not pay attention to while installing. So always read every page of installation properly before proceeding any further.

Never select the regular installation option, always go for custom software installation. This way you can deselect the unwanted software that were going to install along with your software.

If you have already installed those unwanted toolbars and want to remove them completely follow the simple guide given below:

The guide will cover steps on how you can remove those toolbars from Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. You must follow these steps in the given order to successfully remove these toolbars.

STEP 1: Uninstall Toolbar from your PC

Many toolbars installs malicious programs in our computers so it becomes necessary to check, identify and remove those malicious software or program from your computer.

  • The very first step is to uninstall the toolbars from your computer for that, click on Start, select control Panel and then go to uninstall a program.
  • For windows 8 users’, simple drag the mouse arrow and select the search option, type control panel and then press enter to go to control panel.
  • When you enter the uninstall program, you will see the all the programs that are installed in your computer. Scroll down to find and uninstall the unwanted program by clicking uninstall button.
  • If you are still not able to find the program, then you can use the Revo uninstaller. This will completely remove the entire unwanted program that is installed on your computer.
  • If you cannot find any unwanted program on your PC, then you can continue with the second step.

STEP 2: Remove Toolbars from your Browser:

Internet Explorer- Removing toolbars from Internet Explorer is easy, all you have to do is reset the browser and it will go back to the way it was installed.

For resetting the browser, go to the gear icon on the up right section of the browser, click on the internet option and then click on advanced. There you will see the reset option, click on that and it will restore your browser to default settings.

When the reset procedure is complete, click on the close option to confirm your and end the task. You must close and reopen the browser.

Mozilla Firefox– The reset option also helps Firefox browser to resolve the issue of the unwanted toolbars. This method will restore the browser as it was at the time of first installation while saving all the bookmarks, auto fills and browser history.

Click on the menu button on the up right section of the browser. There click on help button and choose troubleshooting information. If you are unable to open Help menu, then you can type about:support in the url bar to open the troubleshoot page.

Click on the reset Firefox button in the page, a new tab will open with the reset Firefox button on it. Click on it to confirm the reset process. Firefox will automatically restore to its original form removing the entire unwanted program from your browser

Click on finish to end the process.

Google Chrome- Click on the menu option which is represented by the three lines. When the menu is open, select the labelled settings option from the menu. A new window will open with containing the settings of chrome browser. Select the advanced setting; you will be able to see the reset browser option. The tab will open asking you what things you want to restore before resetting the browser. To continue press reset button, after completion close the browser and open again.

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