How To Solve Installation Problems With Antivirus Avast

Whether it is a phone, a desktop or a laptop, every device needs to be protected from virus or any malware otherwise it can corrupt your data. Today, there are thousands of kinds of malwares or viruses that are rapidly spreading around the world. If you don’t take serious actions against them, it can damage your stored data or slow down your PC.

There are many people around the world you earn money through illegal methods. They have such software that can track your personal data and benefit out of it. This kind of software can be any kind of virus or hacking software that get automatically installed in your systems while surfing the internet or through email attachments. Hence, you need to be careful and protect your PC from these malwares or hacking software. In order to do so, there is software that is available to fight against these malicious malwares called as Antivirus.

Antivirus is must in any kind of PC or smartphones. Antivirus, as the name suggests, protects you from various kinds of virus, spywares, Trojans, etc. The moment your computer detects a virus, it will automatically remove these files, thereby making your computer safe to use. Some of the most commonly used antivirus program is Avast.

Today, you can easily download and install this antivirus software from the internet. However, if you are facing any troubles installing the software on your computer, try these steps below for smooth installation:-

  • In order to start the installation process, you need to first download the software on your computer from Avast website. Right click on the download button setup file avast_internet_security_setup_online.exe and select “run as administrator”.
  • In the new avast dialogue box
  • Click on the install button to start setup with default options
  • Now select custom installation to provide the location where you would like to save the program. Also, select the program components and languages on the following screen
  • You will see an installation bar appears on the screen while the program is installing. Once the installation process is complete, you will be asked to choose a subscription, you can choose from the following options – I have already bought a subscription or continue in 30-day trial mode.
  • When the network is detected, you need to select the firewall mode to either private or public. Depending on what kind of network you are using, select private for home network and public if connected to open or shared network.
  • Your antivirus software is now installed.

If you are still facing problems try the solutions below:-

  • Try moving the setup file from one folder to the other and again try installation from the new folder
  • If still won’t install, then see if there are no other antivirus programs installed on your computer. If you are already using one, then it is recommended to remove it or don’t install another antivirus program.
  • In case you remove the existing program but still facing problem, then your setup file is corrupted. Delete that one and download it again from different server.

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