Is your Operating System up to Date

With technology advancing rapidly, your computer and the operating system can become obsolete in no time. Therefore, you are required to keep updating your OS and computer regularly so as to ensure that you are able to use all the new software easily. The reason you need to keep updating windows is that it allows users on personal computers to get real time updates that they require for security reasons, software and other similar purposes.

Importance of Updates

Microsoft keep releasing updates every now and then and these come in a mixed bag of support improvements, security improvements and other updates made to the software and operating system running on your computer. It is important as a user to keep updating your operating system in order to keep your computer up and running. If you are a home user, you might not find it necessary to update your operating system. But keeping it updated is essential. When you download the updates, Windows will prompt you with the list of updates that it is planning to install. This way you can decide which update you want to install and which you don’t want to worry about.

How to update your OS?

The Windows task bar will prompt you that the updates are ready to be installed. Once you click on the icon, it will bring up another dialogue box. This dialogue box will tell you about the list of updates that will be installed. Some of them are necessary and some of them are just optional. You can read the whole list of updates and depending on your requirement, you can choose to check or uncheck the boxes, so that nothing useless is updated on your system. Because the more unnecessary things you install the more resources it eats, thereby making your computer slow. Post selection of the updates, click on install and windows is ready to update your computer.

Once you have upgraded your operating system, the system will ask to restart your computer. Now you must be wondering about the security measures of your computer. With your earlier version of operating system, you have been using an Antivirus system that you have paid for and now how would you be able to continue using it but don’t worry. If you are just upgrading your operating system, then all your programs remain intact. Only when you format your hard drive and building from scratch, you might need to reinstall the programs again. But again, you don’t have to pay for the antivirus software again. You can continue using the same antivirus program by uninstalling and reinstalling it with the same licence key. If you are formatting the hard drive, just keep a note of the licence key and once you install the program again, you can punch in the same product key.

You also have the privilege to retrieve your licence key. Just visit the antivirus website, download the copy of the program. You can login to the website to retrieve the key. But keep in mind; you can use the antivirus activation key until it’s valid.

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