Keep Your Computer Protected From Virus Attacks

A computer virus is a kind of a program that can get downloaded into your system automatically, either while surfing the net or by opening an infected email attachment. These viruses are so strong in nature that they tend to replicate on their own and can spread from one infected computer to the other. These infected programs can be of any kind, files, folders, documents, emails. Once the virus has infected your system, it can damage the contents of the infected files and other data in the system as well.

Symptoms of Virus Infection

Well you might not know if the virus has infected your computer unless you see some of the signs below:-

  • Any unusual activity like your computer running extra slow or frequent crashing of programs
  • The programs may stop and start unexpectedly
  • Systems firewall notifying that some application is trying to connect to the internet
  • Unusual images or messages displayed on the screen
  • Contact list in your email, receiving emails but you have not sent them
  • Unexpected removal or changes in files and folders
  • Receiving too many error announcements
  • Even if you are not surfing the internet, you get advertisement pop-ups
  • Your system automatically restarts on its own
  • Unable to open the task manager as the system indicates, banned by the administrator
  • Unable to login to your windows account even with correct details
  • Folders options getting disappeared

These are some signs that can tell you that your computer is affected by the virus. There are many ways through which you can get rid of these virus attacks. Here are some tips and tricks suggested by technical support services:-

Install a renowned Anti-virus program

If you don’t want be victim of virus attacks, then install a good antivirus program on your computer that would protect your computer from any kind of virus attacks. These Antivirus programs would alert you about any potential attacks and would automatically fight to remove the virus from your computer. Today, there are many antivirus programs that are available online (even for free). However, the free subscriptions do not have all the tools to fight with virus; therefore you should go for minimum of yearly subscriptions. Also see, if the antivirus is compatible with your operating system.

Regularly scan your computer

Post the installation of antivirus program, you should regularly run a complete system scan. Though these programs are smart enough to identify any threats yet it is good to proactively run system scans at least twice a month or every time you import or export any data into your computer. This way you can keep your system at an alarming position. Some antivirus programs even allow you to schedule scanning of your computer, making your job easy.

Update your antivirus programs regularly

The virus attacks are getting stronger day by day and therefore, your antivirus needs to be strong enough to deal with any kind of new virus as well. Therefore, regularly update your antivirus program so that it can protect you from any kind of new viruses.

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