Methods to Remove Virus from the Computer

Who wants to get infected by a virus? We are sure no one. But we are not talking about human beings here. We are talking about your computer machines. If any virus gets into your computer system then it needs to be removed immediately before it can damage everything on the computer. Your computer is like a human body. If your human body gets infected by any virus, then you need a special care to remove it from your body or else it can damage the other functions of the body leading to death. Computer virus if not treated instantly can prove to be fatal.

There are many kinds of virus that are floating in the internet world. The only motive behind creating these malicious programs is to hack other people’s personal information and use it for some ill purpose. You may not even know when the virus enters your computer. You can look for some indications like slow computer, files opening or shutting automatically, computer shutting automatically, files or folders deleted and many more. These viruses have the ability to multiply and infect other files in the system. Here are some tips you can use to remove the virus on your computer.

  • Run an antivirus scan on your computer

    – Almost every second day you should run the antivirus program on your computer to scan all the files and folders and look for any infected programs. Running an anti virus program is simple. From the notification bar, select the antivirus icon and right click on it. Then click run complete scan. Wait until everything on the computer is scanned by the software and restart your computer. Making this a practice will prevent you from virus attacks. In case you don’t have an antivirus program installed on your computer yet, then it’s time to do so. Today, there are many antivirus software available on the internet. Just search for one and download it.

    Boot the system in safe mode

    – After running an antivirus scan if you find any virus on your system, restart your computer in safe mode. To start the computer in safe mode, the moment your machine starts, press F8. You will be directed to safe mode screen. If you want to run the computer without the internet on safe mode, then select “Safe mode” else select “Safe mode with networking”. Again run the antivirus scan on your computer and delete all virus threats. Though today antivirus software detects the virus and quarantines the virus automatically. Restart the computer in a normal mode once again. For the last time, run the scan again to ensure that there are no viruses left in your computer

    Update your Antivirus Program

    – This is more of a suggestion than a step to remove antivirus. Regularly updating the antivirus programs helps in fighting the battle easily with virus. The latest version you have the better it is programmed to fight with new powerful viruses. You can even set your computer to remind you about updating your antivirus software.

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