Now Secure Your Wireless From Less Trustworthy People

Keeping your Wi-Fi secured and protected is important. We usually get lazy about safety regulations when it comes to accessing your wifi. It is only then we realise when our internet connection is slow or our data pack is finished wondering you never used internet that much. Also, it is not about someone using your wifi for their personal use. If someone is using the same router model you have installed, they can easily get into your network if you have not taken appropriate measures to secure your router.

It is always not a matter about virus attacks. Hackers can easily re-configure your router settings if you have not changed the default settings for a very long time. Taking appropriate security measures means to restrict unauthorised access. You can always contact the technical support for help or you can manually take some steps to secure your router.

Here are some ways you can protect your router from unauthorised access:-

  • Keep changing passwords after two month interval and never share your password with anyone. Passwords are like toothbrushes, you don’t share them at all. Keep a password that is difficult to hack like combination of numbers and letter and minimum of 10 digits. You should also change the administration password on your router. Each router comes with pre-configured settings which use a standard password. It is imperative that you change the admin credentials and use something unique. Create a tricky password that is not easy to guess.

  • Another way of securing is to use WPA2 encryption. It is one of the popular and secured methods to use if you are using the latest system configurations. It is compatible with all kinds of computer systems. WPA is also a similar kind of encryption security method. You can even use this option to secure your router. But whatever method of encryption you choose, just remember to create a strong and tricky password.
  • If you don’t want your friends or other people to use your router, you can even turn off the file sharing option. You have the option to selectively limit the access of intruders. You also have the luxury to limit the access to few set of people only. For instance, you want to share folders with your friends but not everyone, you can control access over the internet. If you are not knowledgeable enough to perform the task, take help from the technical support team that will guide you step by step to perform such tricky tasks.
  • Lastly, you can turn off the SSID communications by changing your router settings. SSID is Service Set Identifier, which makes users easy to find the network and connect to them. By turning off the SSID, you can secure your computer from intruders and other malicious attacks.

Just remember one thing; you can never be 100% safe even if you take stronger measures. But as a computer user you can keep updating yourself regularly with the upcoming threats and take precautionary measures to beat them.

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