What all You Can do to fix Network Problem on Your Computer ?

Nowadays, everyone is using a Smartphone and almost every home has a Wi-Fi connection. Since we all want to stay connected to the world, a seamless Wi-Fi connection is necessary. Wi-Fi connections make using your phone a more robust experience. For those facing troubles with Wi-Fi connectivity, here are some tricks that you can use to fix the problem:-

Reboot the Phone

The first thing you should try is to power cycle your mobile phone. Turn of your phone, remove the phone battery for about a minute, replace the battery and then restart the phone. It might get your internet connection back.

Reconnect your phone Wi-Fi

There could be a possibility that your phone might have retained IP address from another wireless connection before and applied it to the current wireless connection. It is absolutely ok if the IP address is same and there is no conflict, but usually this is not the case. You can try turning your Wi-Fi off and turning back ‘on’ by following these steps:-

  • Go to the menu screen of your phone
  • Tap on settings and go to wireless and network
  • Tap Wi-Fi settings in wireless and network settings
  • On this screen, uncheck the Wi-Fi or move the slider backwards to turn it off
  • After it is turned off, wait for 30 seconds and again turn it back on
  • This might restore your Wi-Fi connection

Forget the network

In case, if the previous method does not work, then you can try forgetting the network and then re-adding it to your mobile phone. Remember one thing, if you are in the range of your Wi-Fi network, your phone might not forget the network. Therefore, you need to move away from your Wi-Fi so that it cannot detect your phone device. Follow the below steps to perform the action:-

  • Long hold the listed network you want to forget
  • Tap forget network
  • Come back within the range of your wifi device so that your phone automatically detects your wifi connection
  • Click on your wifi network
  • Enter the password to join back to the network
  • This would add new IP address to your mobile phone and you can continue using it.

Password Issue

Many people change Wi-Fi passwords after sometime to avoid security breach. But every time you change the password, your phone does not automatically connect with the new password. You can manually change the password for your wireless network:-

  • Again move out of the range of your wireless network
  • Long press the wireless network you want to configure
  • Click on change network settings
  • Type the new password (you can check the show password box to ensure your are typing the right password)
  • Click on save once entered

Check advanced wifi settings

If none of the above mentioned solutions work, you can try advanced Wi-Fi settings on your phone to see if there is a problem critical. Go into the wireless network setting again and go to advanced settings and see if your phone is not setup for a proxy. If you see an IP address or domain name delete it and try again.

If none of the solutions work, try connecting your phone to other wireless devices, if you are able to connect to other wireless network, then there could be a problem with the router. You might need to get your router changed.

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