What Do You Need To Print From Your Mobile Phone

You want to get the ease of printing from your mobile to your printers. However, wireless printing is a bit complicated as compared to the cable network printing. Here you require the right setup along with the efficient connectivity between the printer and the mobile device.

This article gives you all the different methods that you can use to print from your mobile to your printer.

  1. ePrint or email printing

The ePrint is a term that comprises all the technologies from HP. This machine has the capacity to print emails that you send from your mobile via the cloud. Your printer has a unique email address where you can send all your messages directly from your mobile. This makes very easy for you to print. The system is highly secure, as you have the total control over the use of the printing.

  1. AirPrint

If you have an iPhone or other apple mobile devices, then, this is the technology you require. The AirPrint connects these devices to the wireless printer. The connection is created via a wireless network and not directly to the printer. The compatibility of the AirPrint with different printers makes it convenient for the iPhone users to print without installing any printer drivers.

Your mobile shows all the printers available in the wireless network. You can select the file and send it to a printer via the router.

  1. Wi-Fi Direct

The Wi-Fi direct technology connects the device to the printer via a wireless network. This connection is made through a PIN code on one or both the devices. However, it requires a compatible app for the mobile to print via the printer. And different printers require different apps to complete the task. Hence, you need to download apps for the printers that you frequently use. This is not an issue if you use only one printer.

The wireless printing from the mobile device to the printer is becoming more and more convenient with the help of remote support. So, if you also have troubles with this kind of printing, then, contact the remote support from the professionals. You can call us on the toll-free number for immediate assistance.


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