Automatic Wifi Connection Problem With Windows

The most frustrating time is when you sit on your computer to work on the internet, and it does not connect. Internet connectivity is a common problem faced by most of the computer users. There could be various reasons because of which you can’t connect to the internet. However, there are some ways through which you can determine the reason behind the problem and sometimes by performing some simple steps you can even resolve those problems as well.

What to do when your internet does not connect

Wifi today is the most convenient and easy way to connect to the internet. However, many times a lot of things can go wrong with the wireless connection. The information provided below would be helpful in resolving problems like no connectivity.

Solution#1 Update your Wireless Adapter Drivers

All computers needs regular update all the time. Downloading and installing wireless adapters can solve the problem most of the time. Follow these steps below to update the drivers:-

  • Search for Device Manager in the start up search and open the device manager
  • On the network adapters, double click and it will populate a list of various adapters
  • Select the network adapter, right click and click update drivers
  • Select search automatically to update drivers. Once found, follow the instructions to install it

Solution#2 Make use of Automatic Troubleshooter Tool

Microsoft has created tools that can automatically test and fix many kinds of wireless issues. Use this tool fix the problem:-

  • In case your PC or your laptop has a wireless key and the light is off or amber in colour then you need to press that button to enable the wireless adapter
  • In case you don’t have any key then follow the below steps
  • On the right hand side bottom corner, look for wireless connection icon, click on it and then select troubleshoot problems
  • It will open up Windows network diagnostic screen and automatically will run troubleshooting process
  • Once the test is run, it will list down the problems. Read the information properly and take appropriate steps to resolve it. If no problems found, continue to the next step.

Solution#3 Try checking the automatic connection settings

In order to connect to the internet directly, the automatic button needs to be checked

  • In the notification bar, click on the wireless icon
  • Select the name of your wireless connection and click connect
  • You will find an option for automatically connect, check the box
  • Then click connect. If you are able to connect then disconnect and reconnect to see if automatically connecting. If not follow the below steps.

Solution#4 Reset the Router

Doing some resets on your router can resolve many problems

  • Turn off your PC and uplug the cord of the network hardware

Wait for 30 seconds and replug the power cable and wait until all lights are green. If any of the lights are not lit, then there is a problem with the internet service provider. You can wait until the service is up or can call technical support to fix it.

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