Clearing The Doubts For Windows 10 Upgrade

For people who have been using Microsoft windows as their operating system, then would understand the importance to keep the system updated with the most recent patches released by Microsoft every second Tuesday of the month. Also, how important it is to upgrade security systems of your computer. Below are some frequently asked questions about upgrading to windows 10:-

How good is Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the new operating system of Microsoft brand. This is a new version after Windows 8 released in 2012. The company decided to launch Windows 10 directly and skip Windows 9 because this version is coming with so many changes that it is considered to be a perfect to release 10 after 8. This version comes with the windows insider program that gives the registered users a privilege to preview the updates as and when available.

What are the minimum Hardware requirements to install Windows 10?

Windows 10 though is highly upgraded version but it would work just fine on your computer machine if you are already using windows 7. While upgrading from the Microsoft website, it will automatically run a system requirement check and see if this version is compatible.

Is the Windows 10 upgrade available for Free?

Thanks to Microsoft, even after bringing humongous change to this operating system, they are still making it available to the public for free. However, only if your computer is qualified windows 7 or 8, then only the upgrade is for free.

Would the installation process be clean with the free upgrade?

Yes. However, Microsoft recommends you to upgrade your current version first. Post this; you would be able to do a clean installation of the operating system.

How would Windows 7 or Windows 8 users get to know about the update?

If your Windows 7 or Windows is qualified to upgrade to Windows 10, then you will be able to view the “Get windows 10” app icon on the system tray. From there, you can check if your current hardware is compatible with Windows 10.

I am using an older machine and want to buy a new one. Will I still be able to upgrade Windows 10 for free?

Yes. Even if you buy a computer that has windows 7 or windows 8, you would be able to upgrade it to Windows 10.

In the process of upgrading, will the programs, files and settings be migrated as well?

Yes, your files, settings and programs will be migrated as part of the upgrade, but it is possible that some files or applications might not upgrade. So, before you start the upgrade, ensure that you remove all the pre-installed programs that came as part of factory installation. Windows 10 will help you identify those programs.

Can is use the same Antivirus program that I have been using with Windows 7 in Windows 10 as well?

Probably Not! Microsoft recommends its users to install an antivirus program that is compatible with Windows 10. But if you’re antivirus program is compatible with Windows 10, which will be checked during the upgrading process, it will keep it, else will remove it. However, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling again after up-gradation with the same product key and it might work. Else you can contact the antivirus tech support and check with them.

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