Drivers Issue After Windows Upgrade. How To Fix It

One are the most common problems that arise with the drivers is when you upgrade your operating system.

Drivers are very important to run any kind of software or applications in your PC. They help in establishing communication between the computer and device. For instance, printer drivers help communication between the printer and the applications so that you can do printing of any file or document easily. To fix any kind of malfunctions with the driver is to repair it. People often get intimidated with the driver related problems because they assume it is a complex issue to resolve. However, many of us are not aware that driver problems are actually easy to resolve. From the solutions mentioned below, you would realise that the problem you think was very difficult to resolve is actually very easy.

  • Though Windows 10 is the most recent upgrade, still there could be a problem that your current installed drivers are not compatible with your operating system. Hence, you need to update your driver. Try the Windows Update feature in your Control Panel to see new updates. A device driver update program could also be used to find the latest driver software for the device.
  • The device drivers can get automatically disabled if you have recently upgraded Windows. To check, if any of your drivers is disabled or outdated, perform the steps below:-
    • On the Windows task bar, you would find a search field
    • Type device manager and you would see device manager listed on the top of the list
    • Click on device manager
    • Now check for the device you are facing problem with and see if you see sign, then it means that your driver needs an update. Right click and click on update option. If you see disabled sign, then it means it’s disabled, and you can right click and enable it.

  • Another problem could be that your device drivers are outdated. You would need to upgrade them as per the new operating system requirement (in this case Windows 10). There are various ways through which you can update your drivers and make your device work again. Just follow these simple steps:-
    • Go to your device manufacturers website
    • Search for the device drivers for Windows 10
    • Once you get the option, click on download. It will automatically update the drivers in your system
  • You can also uninstall and re-install the driver program to fix the issue. This process usually solves most of the problem with drivers.
  • If you still face issues, you can take your laptop to a technician and get it checked if the device is working properly. There could be a possibility that your device may have stopped working due to any reason. The technician would be able to help you with this.

As a practice you can set your computer to notify you about updates so that you can easily regularly update it. Regular updating your drivers might be good for your devices but ensure that are compatible with your operating system.

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