Fixing Problems With Wireless Network Router

Technology is improving day by day, and it the duty of technology to become more user friendly as it improves. We can witness this within the continually advancing circle of Wireless LAN connections. In order to start the setup of a wireless router, a user needs to just plug the device to explore the network or even the internet. But we all know how vulnerable are Wireless LAN connections are. They can easily be hacked or have virus threats. These malicious programs enter the network and corrupt all the data. Also, many of us face problems with our Wi-Fi connection. We might not have access to the internet or it’s an intermittent connection. Whatever is your problem, by doing some troubleshooting steps, you could fix the problems yourself:-

Power cycle the Router

For any gadget today, the first and the foremost mantra to fix a problem is to turn off the system and restart it again. This process is known as power cycling or in simple language, rebooting. Rebooting your router can solve many problems like slow network connection, connection dropping, websites fail to load or you have an intermittent connection, you might want to try rebooting the router. It is usually recommended to reboot the router occasionally to keep it working well. But in case you are frequently rebooting the router, then it would be a good option to get your router checked.

Does your router overheat?

Overheating problems with router can cause instability. Routers can get easily overheated. If your device is getting overheated quite often, then it can get damaged over time. Ensure the temperature of your router is low. In case you touch and find it very hot than usual, see it is getting enough airflow and is not situated in a place where it is too hot. Overheating can cause severe damage to your router.

Change the position of the router

If your Wi-Fi is giving frequent connection problems, then re positioning your router can fix it. There is a possibility that where you have placed the router, the Wi-Fi signal is getting blocked. For instance, if you have placed your router near microwave or cordless device, then it can interfere with the signals causing frequent connection drop. Also, make sure that the antenna of your router is positioned vertically rather than horizontally. Vertical antenna can cover larger area.

Check all the cables are connected properly

This is something that often goes unnoticed. We sometimes forget to check the most obvious solution before taking complicated ones. There is possibility of cables getting accidentally pulled due to kicking or while dusting your home, thereby unplugging the cable or making it loose. Ensure that all the cables are connected properly.

Resetting your router to factory reset

If you are facing serious troubles with your router then, resetting it to default factory settings can be a good option. There are chances that accidentally you might have disturbed the settings of your router. Therefore, resetting can solve the problem but, before doing this, keep in mind that once resettled, you would have to reconfigure the router completely.

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