How To Clean Your Computer Effectively?

Everyday when you clean your computer is should be your priority task in your daily to do checklist. There are certain explanations for this.

  • First of all, clearing of all the dust and foreign particles from your computer will help your computer to function more properly and will help to last it long.
  • So you should adopt this fact that you have to make computer cleaning part of daily routine whether you like it or not.
  • It will also help to clean up the circuits and your computer will function efficiently.
  • Furthermore, system fans overtime are choked by dust, which effects the functioning of your pc as it will heat up more.

While it seems easily to clean up your computer with cloth or vacuum but be aware as cleaning up pc is no piece of cake

  • While it seems easy to clean your computer with vacuum, but cleaned area is left with static charge, which, in turn, attracts more dust and dirt and your cleaning will go in vain.

So, I suggest you to follow these steps to clean your personal computer. You can take one part of the computer at a time; cleaning with patience will lead to the better health of your computer.

  1. Keyboard
  • One aspect is the hygiene, it doesn’t matter if you are regular user or not, but at some point of our lives, we have eaten in front of the computer and research shows that your keyboard contains more germs than a than a toilet seat, shocking! Isn’t it?
  • Keyboards might seems to be trickiest part of the computer to clean as it contains tiny spaces between the letters in which dust and other particles can be easily trapped and it is hard to take out.
  • Solution? You will need bottled air or canned air with thin pipe fitted at the nozzle which helps to clean the entire keyboard with air pressure.
  • Also for protection of keyboard from dust and other particles like food particles, liquid from spilled drink etc, one can use the silicon covering on the keyboard.
  1. Mouse
  • First of all, disconnect the mouse from computer.
  • Then take a cotton or linen cloth and slightly wet the cloth with rubbing alcohol and use the cloth to wipe all the dirt from the mouse. Note that there should be very light amount of alcohol on the cloth.
  • Now lastly, take a cotton swab and gently dip the swab into rubbing alcohol and clean the optical eye of the mouse.

  1. Monitor
  • Use a dry linen or cotton cloth; usually take the micro fiber cleaning cloth which may come with your monitor when you buy it.
  • You can use distilled water as normal tap water may leave mineral marks on the screen, so you have to be very careful about it.
  • Dip the dry cloth into distilled water and then fend off extra water and gently wipe the monitor screen and back side of the monitor with cloth.
  • After wiping it with wet cloth, use a dry cloth to wipe the monitor with it and also wipe the edges of the monitor.
  1. CPU
  • Firstly, disconnect the CPU with power source and from monitor, mouse keyboard, etc. and open the case of the CPU carefully.
  • Then use blast of canned air to remove off the dirt.
  • Make sure the fan outlet and fan are thoroughly cleaned.

In this way, you can clean up your computer more effectively, and more frequently cleaned, the better it is.

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