How To Fix The Windows 10 Installation Error: 0x1900101 – 3000D

One of the most common problems with windows operating system is the installation error. It is amongst the most critical errors that occur in most of the computer systems. If you are a frequent user of computer system for various window based purposes then you are most likely to experience such problems. These installation errors can be fatal and can crash your system instantly.  While upgrading your windows, you might face some errors that you are not sure what can be done with like 0x1900101 – 3000D which occurs during the installation process. So don’t panic! There is a solution to every problem. Follow these basic tips in order to get a successful upgrade:-

  • Disable all firewall and anti-virus software on your system

    – Like everyone if you are planning to upgrade the version of your windows OS, then even before starting, turn off all the firewall and security block utilities on your computer. In fact, it is always recommended to uninstall these utilities and reinstall once the installation is done with the versions compatible to windows 10.

  • Disconnect all non-essential devices attached to your computer

    – Disconnect all the external devices that are not important for you during the setup. Since there are drivers required for every device, during the installation process, Windows 10 will try to detect them which can create problems, thereby interfering in the installation process and prevent the installation from completing. So, just attached the bare essentials like mouse and keyboard.

  • Disable start-up programs

    – There are many start-up programs that run in the background with windows and can lead to problems during installation. Therefore, clean boot the system before upgrading.

  • Ensure enough space in the disk is available

    – In the case you have more than one hard disk installed in your PC, then disconnect all except the one where you want to install windows 10. It is seen that external hard drives or other USB keys attach can confuse the setup. Therefore, it is recommended to disconnect all the external sources except the essential ones.

  • RAM issue

    – There are times when bad memory modules can hamper the installation process. Try and reduce as much possible amount of installed RAM into one single unit. In case you are not aware about the faulty one, then you can try switching around the modules between the memory banks. Even if this does not work then you definitely have a faulty RAM. There are various programs through which you can determine which one would be faulty. Let the program run for couple of hours. If you receive no error then the possibility is that your RAM is working fine.

  • Ensure that your system meets all the minimum requirements for installation

    – A new update is available for the some of the older versions and the current ones. If you are using an ancient machine, then windows 10 might not install in your computer. Therefore, before installation, please check for the bare minimum requirement for upgrading. Even if your system meets the requirements, you still might face problems. In that case, you can contact the windows tech help for better support.

These are some tips that you can do to fix the Windows 10 installation error: 0x1900101 – 3000D.

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