How To Fix Window 8 Restart And Shutdown Problems

Is your Windows 8 displaying error messages while you restart or shut it down? At times Windows 8 automatically shuts down followed by a blue screen. Restart problem and PC shut down may occur due to a variety of problems including outdated BIOS, hybrid mode, another OS like Ubuntu and an outdated device driver. It can also take place due to virus. It can consume a lot of time to restore the window session and so this situation will hamper your productivity. But then, like every problem has a solution, you can apply certain tips to resolve the shut down and startup problem.

Update device drivers

Is there outdated driver software of the router, wireless printer, Roku, Xbox, TV, video cards? If that is so, the driver will corrupt your restart and shutdown schedule of windows 8. You need to update the driver software of various devices through Windows update. Out dating can cause such frustrating problems. To update window, press <windows> and type ‘windows update’ in ‘Search Charm’ box. After clicking ‘Windows Update’, download the various updates. Install the updates and check back to see if the error persists.

Update BIOS

Those who run an outdated BIOS, they can face start or shut down problems. You need to open the web browser and enter the Microsoft website or the manufacturer’s website to download or install the BIOS file for the PC of your region. Extract all the contents of the zipped file after it has been downloaded to the computer. You need to run the file with the permission of the admin and simultaneously update the Windows 8 computer BIOS. On the completion of the steps, restart your computer. If the BIOS are outdated, only then do the task.

Disable hybrid shutdown

Although the hybrid shutdown is there to help reboot the Window 8 faster, it can cause the PC to experience a lot of problem. If your computer can boot fast, there is no need to enable the hybrid shutdown. Compromise faster boot time if the computer boots faster. Follow the steps for disabling below:

  • Press the <windows> key for Windows 8.
  • Type ‘power’ in the search charm bar appearing automatically.
  • Tap ‘settings’ and <change what the power buttons do> from your left hand side. This step will open up system settings window.
  • On the windows, simply ‘uncheck’ the box which is next to “turn on fast set up’ and click to ‘save changes’. The problem gets fixed once you restart your computer.

Run Power Troubleshooter

You can press the <Windows +W> keys to bring up ‘search Charm’. Then, type ‘troubleshooting’ in the ‘Search Charm’. Hit the ‘Enter’ key. Use the keys <System and Security> and then click <power> to allow the troubleshooter run and resolve the problem. The troubleshooter may take some time to rectify the problem.

Run a virus scan

It may happen that you accidentally download a malicious program. Use your antivirus to run a virus scan. The software scans the files to detect errors and problem files to delete them.

By following any one of the techniques, you can resolve your Windows 8 restart and shut down problem. Don’t you think they are very easy?

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