How To Print From Your iPhone Or iPad With The Help Of Air Print & Other Third Party Applications

With many third parties printing applications like preinstalled Air print, printing has become hassle free and quick. You don’t have to first transfer the files from your iphone or ipad to the computer or your desktops and then print it out. Now whether it’s your favorite family picture or an important document for your office or it’s for your science project, you can right away print the document from your iphone or ipad. All you need to do is follow the given below simple steps, which will show you how to use the Air print and all other good third party apps, which can directly command your printer to print.

First thing first, for printing directly from iPhone or iPad, you need to have Air print (which is already installed in your phone) and a wireless printer; if you have these two requirements, you are just few steps away to print directly.

  1. Open the Air print app in your iphone/ ipod.
  2. Touch to enable your e-printer. Please note that your iphone/ipad device should be running on IOS 4.2 or above versions to enable air print.
  3. It should also be noted that your printer should be updated time to time to have better functionality and to be more compatible with other devices along with your iPad or iPhone. It is due to the reason that every printer’s update is unique based on its function to print and its mechanism.
  4. First of all, switch on your printer and make sure it is connected to your local wireless network.
  5. Then, put the type of paper you want to use for printing the required information. Make sure that you have loaded enough number of papers in your computer.
  6. Then open your iphone or ipad from where you want to print, then use the action icon- it will display the options with which app you want to share it with. Then tap on the print option to see which printers are available. Note that if print option is not available in the drop down menu, then that app does not support Air print.
  7. For example, let’s say you want to print a picture from your photo gallery. Then go to photo gallery, click on the right picture that you want to print. Then click on the action button on the left bottom corner and then click on the print, then click on the printer’s name, tap print. Wow! Your photo is printed!

Other than air print, there are plenty of applications that are available in the app store like  Hp e print for a hp wireless printer, printer pro, print app and share, print utility, print magic, Google cloud print.

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