How To Set Up Printer Software In Windows 8 Desktop

Of course, you will find these steps ‘piece of cake,’ which one can follow to install printer driver in Windows 8, once you read it because admit it most of us are using Windows from a very long time so we are familiarized with the process of installing any type of software in windows.

  • In every program in Windows 8, every application such as Microsoft power point, Google docs, adobe reader, etc. provide a unique way to print the required information. In most of the applications, specially basic applications provided by Microsoft such as Excel, PowerPoint on the top left corner has Windows logo on it (in 2003 versions or later).
  • It will show print in the drop down menu and also print preview. Also, there is a very familiar shortcut for printing in almost every application which is ctrl+p. If an app doesn’t show any printer sign, it might be due to the reason that the particular app doesn’t support printing. You might find a similar application on the internet, which supports printing (which is very unlikely to happen).
  • Before installing the software, make sure that it runs on your system- whether its 32 bit running system or 64 bit, often software comes with different compatibility options, so you have to watch out which system is best suited for your pc or Windows 8. In most of the cases, it is 64 bit. But you can make sure of system type by clicking on the start menu, then control panel>system and security> system or you can simply right click on My Computer icon then properties; it will show you the system type.

  • Now what you need to do is find the type of the printer you are using, whether it is offline type or wireless printer. In case of offline printer, you just need to connect the printer to the power source and the data cable of the printer should be attached to the computer. On the other hand, in case of wireless printer, it is bit of a complex process as compared to the offline one but three things are mainly important.
  • First it should be connected to power source as in case of offline printer.
  • Second of all, it should be connected to local wireless network like your home or office network where the printer is placed.
  • Third it should be updated as its functionality is unique, and it will perform better with Windows 8 when it is up to date.
  • Rest of the information, you will get from the manual which you will receive with the printer
  • All you have to do is then follow the simple instructions from the software setup wizard then to make sure your printer is installed and working. Go to control panel>devices>under printer, find your printer.

Then you are ready to go!


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