How To Troubleshoot Internet Explorer 10 Issues

The latest version of web browser for Microsoft is certainly Internet Explorer 10. It is available for Windows 7 and 8 but just like any other IE version, Internet Explorer 10 has got its problems. The problems arising in internet explorer 10 cannot be solely due to Microsoft but may result from the problem in your system, bugs and virus issues, any third party application, etc. So, there can be miscellaneous problems with internet explorer 10. There are workaround to fix them up all.

Step 1

Are you using Windows 8? If ‘yes’, then bring up ‘Command Prompt’ with the admin rights to the home screen, if you have pinned it. If you have not done so, press ‘Windows’ key and just type ‘cmd’ in the ‘search charm’. Now hit ‘enter’ to proceed. Right click the mouse on the Command Prompt and choose ‘Run as Administrator’. Now type ‘sfc/scannow’ on the ‘Command Prompt’ window and press ‘enter’.  All the broken files will be fixed with the scan procedure. On completion, exit the Command Prompt. Open up ‘Internet Explorer’ and you will be able to browse in a fine manner. Make sure you run the ‘Command Prompt’ only with admin rights.

Step 2

Check out the latest updates rolled out by Microsoft and update the Internet Explorer 10. This will surely fix up software issues, computer bugs and performance issues. Look for the IE 10 updates via the Windows Update. In the Windows 8, look for the Windows Update via the ‘Search Charm’. Press ‘Windows +C’ to invoke the ‘search charm’ and then opt for ‘Search’. In the Windows 7, you need to click ‘Start’ and navigate to ‘All Programs’, ‘Windows Update’. All the critical updates need to be downloaded. Run update installer only with the admin rights.

Step 3

Is your issue related to the Flash Player in the Internet Explorer 10? You have to update it with the latest updates. It is seen in the past that the Adobe Flash Player just works fine in the IE10 after you install the latest updates. Visit the Adobe website and download the Flash Player updates. Again, install the flash player with admin rights only.

Step 4

You may also be needed to reset the IE 10 settings. If you reset for default, the browser will just work fine. Avoid resetting for factory default since you may lose plug-ins, add-ons, favorites, saved passwords and bookmarks. Open IE10 and press ‘Alt’ to display ‘menu bar’. Click ‘Tools Tab’ and choose ‘internet options’. You can click the ‘Advance’ tab and click ‘reset’. When asked, choose ‘personal delete settings’ and confirm this action by selecting ‘Reset’ again. Restart IE10 when done.

Step 5

You can run IE10 in the compatibility mode and hence get rid of any compatibility issue. Simply open IE10 and press ‘Alt’ on the keyboard to show the menu bar. Click ‘Tools’ and choose ‘Developers Tools’ from the menu. Now click ‘Browser mode’ tab and choose ‘Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility View’. The IE10 will run in the compatibility mode.

Step 6

If there is problem with IE10, disable add-ons and check back whether things are working or not. Remove add-on that is causing IE10 issue. Open up IE10 to check for add-on. The ‘Alt’ option will display menu bar and you need to click ‘tools’ and ‘manage add-ons’. Now tap ‘All add-ons’, disable to remove the add-on and save the changes. If any of the add-on still works, disable it.

Step 7

You can uninstall or reinstall IE10 to run the installation in a fine manner. Move to ‘Programs and Features’ and search for IE10 instances to uninstall them. Complete installation and then reinstall IE10. Run IE10 installer only with admin rights.

The above steps have proved useful for those who have problems with Internet Explorer 10. Get professional help if you fail to do the needful.

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