I Am Unable To Install Printer Drivers Without The Disc. Help!

A printer is an electronic peripheral device that is used for printing. Printer is important today for both office and home use. You never know when would you have to get a printed document urgently and if you have one at your home then, it is quite convenient and easy because you don’t have to go to cyber cafes to do the job. However, to work on the printer it needs to be installed with your computer.

Printer installation is important to communicate with the computer and you have to install its driver for the installation. Usually in the installation kit received with the printer, there is a disc provided by the manufacturer. This disc is the driver that needs to be installed for printers to work. Just insert the disc in the computer system and follow the installation instructions. But in case you haven’t received the disc or it is not working, don’t worry too much. You can easily install the printer even without the disc. You can directly download the drivers from the manufactures website. Just provide your printer model and you can download the drivers from there. Below are some steps mentioned to help you with the installation process:-

  • Identify the model of the printer. It is usually written on the top of the printer or with the manual received in it
  • Before you start the download, you need to know the operating system you are using on your computer. If you are not aware, then you can follow these steps:-
    • Right click on my computers
    • Select Properties
    • On the Properties Dialogue box, select the General Tab
    • There you can see the version of the windows you are using on your system
  • Now go to the printer manufacturer website if you know the web address. Normally you can get this information in the printer’s manual. But if you can’t find it there, you can always Google it and find the website address
  • On the website, type the model of your printer and you would be directed to the authentic location to download the driver. Alternatively you can directly Google the drivers by typing your printer name
  • Click on download and follow the installation instructions one by one
  • Once the drivers are installed, restart your computer and take a test print out
  • If you get the print out, it means it installed perfectly

In case you are unable to print the document, do a few checks like check the cables are connected properly, if the drivers are installed correctly, etc? There are some steps that you can perform easily to resolve the non printing problem of your printer. If you are not able to do so, there are always technical support representatives that can guide you to resolve the issue step by step. With so much of competition in the market, today all the companies provide round the clock customer service.

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