Paper Jam Problem With Printer

One of the most frequent problems that computer users face is the paper jam problem in printer. Usually when people removed the jammed paper and reprint the document it again gets into the same loop of jamming. Once the paper is jammed, you can’t print anything. This one problem can halt you printing completely. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed without damaging your computer. Below are some tricks to solve the paper jam problem and also some tips to avoid this problem in future

  • First and foremost thing to do when you see paper jam is to power cycle your printer. This will prevent your printer from damaging.
  • Open the cover of the printer and take a deep look. You would be able to see where the paper is stuck and you can pull it out easily. Remember; don’t apply too much pressure while taking out the paper as it may damage the printer. For a better view of the problem, open the rear cover of the printer.
  • In order to remove the paper, first of all take out all the papers stacked in the paper tray. Now slowly and gently pull out the jammed paper in the similar direction your printer prints.

  • Don’t apply too much force on the paper; else it would tear thereby harming your printer. In case, even after all the instructions the paper rips off; rotate the roller of the printer to take out the sheet. Don’t use any tools like a screwdriver to pull out the paper or roll the roller. This may even cause more damage to your computer.
  • Once the paper is out completely, turn of your printer and restart it again. Make sure all the covers of the printer are closed. If still the problem persists, call the technician to fix the printer. As hardware could be faulty.

Preventing Paper Jams in your Computer

  • Don’t stack too many sheets in the paper tray of the printer. Else, too many sheets can stick to each other and your printer can take two to three sheets at a time to print thereby jamming the printer.
  • Keep the pack of papers in a cool and dry place. Too much humidity can cause paper to stick
  • Ensure that the paper tray is correctly aligned. Many printers today come with an option of different sizes of paper and kinds to insert it. If you insert a wrong size of paper for printing, it can easily jam.
  • Use papers that can be used for printing. Like A4 sheets are commonly used sheets for printing. There are different printers for different papers, so don’t mix it
  • Don’t mix different kinds of paper together in the paper tray. Use one kind of paper for one time printing.
  • If the problem is too frequent, lift the covers and see if any old crumpled papers are not stuck from the previous jams. It can easily prevent paper from printing correctly.
  • Take complete knowledge about printing, about loading paper and how to command your printer.

Keep your printer clean and tidy.

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