Printing Problem? Try The Tips Below To Fix It

Printer is an essential device as they convert electronic information into tangible records or material output. Your printer is not being fair to you if it’s not performing its basic jobs like printing reports, letters, photos, presentations or whatever you might need.

Printers have been into existence for years now. Started with just black and white printing, today you can print anything from a regular black and white to coloured printing. One of the most common used printers today is wireless printers because; one- you can print from any location if you’re connected to the same network, second – as the name suggests, it is wireless printer, which means you do not require cables to connect your computer and printer. You need to have a WLAN installed. But the more advanced is the technology, the more prone it is to get you in trouble. The most common problem with wireless printing is it keeps going offline and does not let you print. Let us discuss some reasons why your printer goes offline and what all you can do to fix it.

Offline Printing Issue – There could be many reasons why it goes into offline mode whenever you try to print. Since it is working in a network, there could be issues with IP address or printer might be using wrong port ID. But there are solutions to all your problems. Below are some solutions that you can try and fix the issue:-

Power-cycle the computer

This should be your first troubleshooting method to fix any computer related problem. Remove all the cables from the computer, unplug it from the power source and disconnect the printer from the computer as well. After 10 minutes, reconnect everything and start the computer. Also, connect the printer to the power source again but don’t start it yet. Once you have connected the computer back then connect the printer and it will be ready to use. If you still face problem, try the steps below:-

  • Go to start menu
  • Click on control panel
  • Select printers and faxes
  • Right click on the printer icon you have installed and then click “use printer online”. This should resolve your problem.

Other than this, you can also try

  • Go to start
  • Click on run command
  • In the command window, type services.msc and click OK
  • On the program list, find print spooler and right click on i
  • Click on restart. This should definitely solve the problem.

If there is a port issue, which means your printer is using wrong port ID, you can follow the steps below:-

  • Go to one of your computers from which you can print and check the port number that windows are using for that printer. Note it down.
  • In the control panel, click on printers and faxes
  • Select your printer and right click on properties
  • Click on the ports tab
  • Click add port
  • Click the option Standard TCP/IP Port and then click New Port
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to create the new port with the printer’s correct IP address that you noted earlier

If you the problem still persist, then it is good to call the tech support of your printer manufacturer and check with them.

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