Solving Printer Issues with Windows 8

Of all the operating systems Windows have ever launched, Windows 8 is the more efficient and interactive operating system offered by Microsoft. With various unique and advanced features, installing any application in Windows 8 is not tough at all.

Installing a printer in Windows 8 is a very easy task. However, many users who are not familiar with computer knowledge too much, find it difficult to install the printer with the new user interface. In such circumstances, you can take help of the Microsoft Windows 8 Support for more assistance on the issue. Though Windows 8 is quite intelligent to detect your printer and automatically install it, but in some situations, Windows might not find the printer to connect. Therefore, you are required to perform manual installation of the printer on your computer. Below mentioned steps will help you install the printer manually.

Procedure to install printer in windows 8

If you have bought a new printer or you have updated your operating system, you need to connect the printer with the computer. Just take the installation disc that you would have received in the installation kit when you bought the printer and run the disc. Follow the instructions and your printer would be installed.

But what if the disc is not available? Then you need to set up the printer manually by following the steps mentioned below:-

  • First and foremost thing to do is to connect your printer with the computer and turn on the power. In case you are using a network printer, then connect it to the router as well
  • On your desktop, go to the bottom left corner and right click on start
  • Open the control panel and open devices and printer options.
  • If your printer is connected properly to the computer, then it would show in this window. If your printer does not show in the window, then turn off the printer, remove all the cables, wait for 10 seconds, reconnect all the cables, turn on the power and see if your windows can now detect the printer. If not, then you need to add the printer manually. Click on add printer and windows will start scanning for your installed printer. If it is detected then follow the next step

  • Once the printer shows up, you need to now install the drivers to make it work
  • Logon in windows with your administrator user name and password
  • Right click on the computer icon and select Manage optio
  • On the left side, select Device Manager and on right side select the name of your computer
  • Now click, “Add Legacy Hardware” and click next
  • Once done, click install the hardware, click next
  • Click on the port of the printer and choose it as default, again click next
  • Select the model of your printer and click next
  • If you want to share your printer with others, then click Print sharing, else click next
  • Finish the installation process

Congratulations! Your printer is now installed.

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