Steps to Update the Router Firmware

One thing that you always have to keep in mind when setting up a router is that you have to keep it safe from the hackers. You don’t want other people to access your network without your permission. You may have sensitive data on your computer and hence you don’t want your local security to be sabotaged by some ruthless people. That is the reason why router has firmware to protect your computer. A router is built with firmware software, it does not matter what kind of router you have. Be it a wired or wireless router, each one of them will have a firmware installed. It is a setting of codes that help in increasing the security mechanism of your network.

Networking industry is evolving so rapidly that every now and then there are new updates released. Users can update their routers with the latest firmware software. If you update your Linksys router firmware, you are sure to increase its capabilities and security mechanism. If you have not updated the firmware for a very long time and you are facing issues with the connection, then it is time to update it. You can easily find the latest updates of your router on the internet. Just follow these basic steps to update it:-

  • Open Chrome or Internet Explorer and type the Gateway address of the router. If you don’t know the IP address, it is and press enter.
  • The next screen will be the setup page of your Linksys router. Enter your username and password to make changes. Remember, you should always change the admin password when you setup your router. The technicians usually use default passwords to setup your computer initially and they are easily to guess. Therefore it’s recommended to change the password the moment you install it.
  • Now check for the new firmware updates on the router page
  • In order to start the download, visit the official page of Linksys router, enter your router model and look for the firmware update
  • Save the downloaded file on your preferred location
  • Now return the router setup page and click on administrator
  • Now click on firmware upgrade, it will ask for the downloaded file, give the location where you saved the file on your computer and update the firmware.
  • Once the update is done, restart the computer and your router as well.

Below are some extra steps that you can take to ensure your router is secure

  • On the router setup page, on the administration tab you would find Remote Management Access
  • You would have two tabs there, enabled and disabled. Check on the disable option
  • Now go to the security tab and loo for Internet Filter
  • Make sure “filter anonymous internet Request” is checked.

The router firmware software will help you detect bugs or error that might corrupt your router. These additional tips can be utilised to maintain the security of the router. After all you don’t want anybody to peep into your personal confidential information.

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