Tips To Speed Up Your Computers Boot Time

You must have seen, from the time you have brought your computer till today, there has been a noticeable change in the processing speed of the computer. This is because over the time, your computer might have automatically installed some unwanted data that you are not aware off making your computer slow. If you find that your system has slowed down tremendously while booting, then you should take some actions immediately to resolve it.

There are several reasons due to which your computer might have slowed down. However, there is nothing to worry. You can yourself fix some issues in yourself even if you don’t have a computers background. Just follow the tips below:-

  • Disable Unused Hardware – The more advanced system your purchase, the more internal devices are installed and with devices there are number of drivers installed. When you boot your computer loads a lot of drivers, some of which you don’t even use. Run through the device manager and see list of hardware you don’t use is. Some of the common ones are Bluetooth devices, modems or virtual wifi adapters. You can right click on them and click disable. This will temporarily disable the hardware not in use and would increase the boot up process.

  • Delay start up services – There are certain start-up services that are used during the booting process. You have the option of delaying those services so that your computer can boot up instantly. In order to delay the services, type services in the search bar on the start up menu and press enter. Then right click on the services that you would like to change by clicking properties
  • Remove unnecessary programs that launch at start-up – this is one of the most tried and tested thing that have helped many users with slow booting problem. You can do this by going to task manager and see all the programs in the start-up tab. You can open the task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL together if you are using windows 8 or higher. In the case you are using Windows 7, then open the start-up menu and type msconfig and press enter. You would be able to see the list of programs that are used during start-up process. You can disable the ones you don’t use.

Twist your BIOS settings – the time you purchase your computer, the initial BIOS setup is done to make it convenient for you. But with time, you can also disable these options. Open the BIOS settings by pressing the DEL key continuously the moment your computer start. You would find an option of Quick Boot in the settings. If it is disabled, you can enable the option and also can move your hard disk to the top of the boot priority list. By doing this your can trick your computer to turn off all the tests it runs during the booting process and the boot priority will not look for hardware like CD, thumb drives or other media and will boot quicker.

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