Troubleshoot Problems With Applications On PC

App is an abbreviation for applications. It is a wonderful piece of software that makes the user experience wonderful and useful. There are several kinds of apps that are available on windows that offer its users to do anything and use anything.

Windows 8 is created keeping in mind the user experience of all the other versions of windows and that is the reason the Windows store will automatically notify the user about the problem and even rectify it on its own. However, if you still feel there is a problem with the app and you are unable to open the windows store, then you also have “app troubleshooter” to fix the problem. This application is created to automatically fix the problem with any app or store. In case you are too unlucky and none of the options work and then you can also try few things mentioned below to resolve the issue:-

  • Update your PC – Windows 8 comes with the feature of notifying the user about the latest updates. You should always consider these notifications important and keep your PC up to date. You can find latest updates on the Microsoft website.
  • No Blocking because of Firewall – Also check if any firewall or antivirus program is not interfering and preventing the app to run. By default some apps are locked by windows firewall to make your system secure and protected. In order to keep running the app, you would need to allow an app to receive information through the firewall. Also ensure that your firewalls are updated as well. If you still see issues, try turning off the firewall or antivirus program.

  • Regularly updating your apps – Your windows 8 PC works similar to your phones. Like you have apps installed on your phones and need regular updates, similarly, the applications on your PC also require regular updates in order to keep them working. You can set your computer to notify you about the recent updates by turning on the “automatic app updates” in your windows store
  • Check with your System Administrator – If you are working in a corporate environment and your system is a part of a network, then there are possibilities that your system admin might have blocked some apps due to company’s policy. If you think this is the case then you can check with your system admin for further information
  • Sync App Licenses – Your windows is licensed software. If your app is not syncing with the license installed on your PC, then your app might not work. Follow the below instructions to sync your app:-
  • Open the windows store
  • Click on settings
  • Click App Updates
  • Click Sync licenses
  • Reinstall the application – If you still face a problem, then the last option would be to uninstall and re-install the app. In order to do so:-
    • Right click on the app you want to uninstall
    • Click uninstall
    • Click store to open windows store
    • Click on account and then my apps
    • Now again click install by right clicking it

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