What Are The Steps To Install New Version Of Windows On Your PC

Microsoft keep updating and improving its operating system itself by releasing a new version of Windows every year. The concept behind creating new versions is to run smoothly and simultaneously with the new innovations in the world of technology. As a windows operating system user, you should get new version of Windows installed in your system to avail of innovation in security, speed and interface. The newer the version the better it is able to perform.

Windows 8 or 8.1 is the new released version of Microsoft that has been completely redesigned. It has an entirely new interface from the usual one that has been used for years. It is easy to download or perform clean installation using the installation media like a USB drive or DVD. You also don’t need to be a Windows user if you want to install Windows 8.1 but you need to have windows if you are planning to install Windows 8.

Steps to Perform clean Installation

Once you have purchased the version of Windows, follow these steps below for clean installation. But before that, make sure you run the Hardware compatibility test for Windows 8. There is a possibility that your old computer may not be compatible with the new version. If you clear, then:-

  1. Turn your PC on and put in the USB flash drive or DVD, and then shut off your PC
  2. Now restart the computer and then press any of the keys to boot from the USB or DVD. If you are already using other version of Windows, there is a fair chance that your current version of Windows might start. You are then required to open a boot menu or modify the boot order in your computer’s BIOS settings so that your computer reads directly from the media. In order to open the Boot settings, you need press F2 or F12 or Delete or ESC instantly once you turn on the PC. You can now change the settings here. If you still face a problem, contact Windows technical support for help.
  3. On the next screen, that is the page of Install Windows, add your language along with other preferences and click next.
  4. Click Install Windows
  5. In order to activate Windows, you require a Product key that comes in the installation kit. Product Key is a unique Key to ensure that your operating system is secured and not used by any other user. It is a 25 digit code that you need to enter.
  6. On the next screen, you will see a long list of terms and conditions. Once you have gone through them, click on ‘I accept or agree’ and click next.
  7. You would be now asked what kind of installation you want, click custom.
  8. On the next page where it says where you wish to install the Windows, give the location of the drive where you want the OS to install. Click next
  9. Follow the instructions further and then click finish.

Congratulations! Your Windows 8 operating system is now installed.

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