What Are The Techniques Of Cleaning Print Spooler In Windows 7?

Is your printer experiencing a slow down? The printer can experience a problem when there is logjam in the spooler, outdated printer driver, corrupt file and registry, etc. Cleaning print spooler is the way to getting the Windows 7 working again. Check out the techniques given below and fix up technical issues.

Step 1

Outdated printer driver will lead your printer spooler service to clog and stop working. Hence, you need to update printer driver whenever required. Look for the suitable printer driver via the Windows update utility or through the website of the printer manufacturer. It is always suitable to get the printer driver from the manufacturer’s website since you will get an updated version of the driver. When it is done, connect with the printer and start to print.

Step 2

If Step 1 fails to give you the desired results, follow this step. Click over ‘Start’ and type ‘Services’ in the Search Box. You need to right click ‘Services.exe’ and choose ‘Run as Administrator’. Provide the admin password, if prompted and click ‘continue’. Check out ‘Print Spooler’ and right click and then the ‘Stop’ button. Do not exit ‘Service’ windows and do the next step.

Step 3

Empty the printer folder to clean the print spooler service. You need to click ‘start’<Computers<systems32<spool<printers. Choose all the files in the printer folder and just delete. Your printer must be connected well to the computer prior to performing the deletion. Connect the printer to print jobs in the spooler. You can switch to the services and check out the ‘print spooler’, right click and start.

Step 4

Click ‘Start’ and point towards “Devices and Printers” and find the list of printers installed in your windows or computer system. Press refresh button to refresh the options. You can use the F5 button on the keyboard. Close the opened dialogue boxes and the windows including the Computer Management. The print spooler will work fine on restarting the computer. The method can wipe out the print jobs and need fresh submission again.

Step 5

Run the registry cleaner program in order to clean the corrupt or leftover registry keys, unused and deleted programs. Download the paid or free registry program or cleaner as per the need from some trusted website. Prior to running the registry cleaner, make sure you back up your Windows Registry. This allows you to undo the changes done by the registry cleaner.

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