What Are The Ways Of Troubleshooting Sound Driver Issues In Windows

Is the sound card of your computer in good condition and still giving trouble? It may happen that the sound card appears just alright but you fail to hear any sound or do not hear favorite songs while rummaging through the files. This happens due to the driver software of the card. There can be unusual problems at the time of update of the sound card. But then, you can fix up sound card issues by following certain steps.

Step 1

If you update the sound drivers, the sound will play up fine. Use Windows to apply automatic updates through the <Start> menu, <Control menu> and <automatic updates>. Windows will search for the sound card driver to install it automatically to your system. If needed, do restart your computer. Check out the manufacturer’s website to download the driver. This is a manual process of driver update. Search for the driver as per your version and install it. Run the installer after extracting the information from the zip file.

Step 2

If you are facing trouble in sound driver, reinstall driver software by navigating to “device manager”. Scroll down in ‘Device Manager’ till you find ‘sound, video and game controllers’. Now expand it. Find the yellow triangle carrying an exclamation mark and right click it. Now, press ‘uninstall’ and restart the system if needed. Once your computer restarts, Windows will automatically reinstall driver software. If you fail to notice the sound card under the category of ‘sound, video and game controllers’, you need to right click on the blank space and press ‘scan for hardware changes’. Hence, the sound card drivers get restored by the Windows.

Step 3

This step needs to be followed in case Step 1 and Step 2 fail to work. Most probably the Step 1 and Step 2 will resolve the sound card driver issue. You need to click the ‘start’ button and then navigate to the ‘All Programs’ and ‘Accessories’ and then right click ‘Command Prompt’. Choose ‘run as administrator’ and on the Command type window just enter ‘add network services’ and then hit ‘enter’. On the completion of the command action, type ‘add local service’ or ‘net local service’ and press ‘enter’. Exit the windows and restart your computer.

If you are still facing sound card issues after following the above troubleshoot ways, contact a professional. The above methods are tried and tested.

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