How to Stop Your Windows From Sending Print To The Wrong Printer

It happens sometimes that your windows start sending a print to the wrong printer. This small issue can make your life really difficult when you want to print and urgent document.

Hence, this article gives you the tips to stop this from happening.


When you see the Add Printer or Default printer Window, click on the yes box and start following the further steps.


If you have Windows 7, then, click start; go to the Devices and Printers.

If you have Windows XP, then, you need to click start and select the Printers and Faxes option.

On the other hand, if you have Windows Vista, then, click start, control panel, Hardware and Sound, and finally click on the Printers.

When you see the list of printers on your screen, Right click on the printer which should be the default one.


Now, Right-click on the printer icon to get the menu. There you will find the “Set as default Printer” option. Click on that and make sure that the desired printer is set as default printer.

There are a few differences in the steps according to the type of Windows you have.

Hence, you can call our toll free number for more immediate assistance.


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