What to Do When Your Printer Asks To Replace the Ink Cartridge

Do you get really concerned when your printer asked to replace the ink cartridge? It is possible that you think that the printer is not efficiently using the capacity of the cartridge. Well, in many cases, it is true! However, it is also possible that the printer is only trying to signal the minimal level of the cartridge. Hence, it is important to understand the situation and act accordingly.

Here are a few necessary things to do.

whenever you printer asks you to change the cartridge.

  1. Immediately get new cartridges

Yes, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you have extra cartridges available. If you don’t have it, then, immediately order them, so that, you can stay ready to change it whenever required. However, it is to note that you just need to get them immediately, there is no need to hurry in replacing them.

Here comes the next point.

  1. Wait till the right time

Your cartridges can go for a few more weeks after the signal if you are not using it too much. Hence, there is no need to hurry and immediately change the cartridge. Let the printer use the cartridge till the last drop of ink. And after a few weeks of printing, you will find the color fading. This is the time when you can change the cartridge.

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