Clean The Printer Spooler By Using The Following Techniques

Everyone today needs a printer, be it at home or at office. However, printer is a hardware that gives most of the problems, especially when you need it the most. There could be ample amount of reasons like logjam in the spooler, corrupted registry or outdated drivers. These issues can lead to variety of problems. Cleaning the printer spooler might help you in fixing the problem.

  1. Check if the drivers are outdated. An outdated driver can lead to obstruct the printer spooler service. Therefore, you need to update the drivers frequently so that you don’t face any issues later. You can find the printer drivers in device manager. Right click and select update or else, you can update the drivers from the printer manufacturing website. Find the printer model and update the drivers with the help of the link provided. Once the task completed. Reconnect the printer and try printing again.
  1. Another cleaning technique would be to clean the spooler by clicking over start and type “services” in the search box. Don’t click OK or press enter. Just right click and select “Run as administrator”. If you are asked for the admin password, enter the details and continue. Look for the “Print spooler”. Right click and select “Stop”. Do not exit the window or follow the next step until finished.
  1. The first and the foremost step would be to clean the printer spooler. This usually happens in an office environment when the printer receives printing instructions from number of users and the printing queue gets jammed. Emptying the printer spooler might help. To clean the spooler, click on start<computer<systems32<spool<printers. On the screen you would see number of printing files. Check the print spooler Queue – Clear and Reset. Exit window and restart the computer.
  1. Another cleaning method would be to go to devices and printers from start. Select all the printers installed on your computer, right click and refresh or you can press F5 button on your keyboard as well once you are in devices and printers. Close all the windows and any open dialogue boxes. Exit and restart the computer. The printer spooler service will work fine after restarting. These techniques can Cancel or Delete a Stuck Print Job in Windows.
  1. Last step to clean the spooler is through a registry cleaning program. This will help in cleaning the corrupt or destroyed registry keys on the computer. In order to do so, download a registry cleanup program from any trusted website and run it on your computer. But before the clean up, you need to take backup of all the registry files because in case if you face any problems later after clean up, then you undo the changes easily.

So these are some techniques that can be used to clean the printer spooler. Mostly people do not pay attention to the spooler. Cleaning it regularly can help you evade any future problems with printers.

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