Fix Printer Problems On Your Computer By Following These Easy Steps

Be it your home or office, printers play an important role in daily operations. However, if you own a printer, you might have faced connection issues many times. One of the common errors that you receive is that your printer is “Offline”. But don’t worry. If you are facing such issue with your printer, then following these steps can help you troubleshoot Printer Problems on a Windows computer:-

  1. Powercycling the printer and reconnect the printer again. Check all the cables are connected properly. If everything is correct and you still facing problems, go to next step.
  1. Another good solution would be to install and re-install the printer drivers. In order to do so:-
    1. Click on control panel
    2. Choose devices and printers
    3. Select your printer and right click on remove printer
    4. Once the actions is completed, exit the window and restart the computer
    5. Go back to devices and printers. Click on add printer and follow the instructions. Once the printer is added again, try printing. If you are still facing problems, follow the next step.
  1. The built in drivers usually get corrupted. Therefore you would need to install the printer drivers directly from the website. Visit the printer manufacturer website, find your printer model and click on the drivers for download. Once the drivers are downloaded, try and print again. This usuallymakes Printer Online in Windows 7.
  1. Most of the times above mentioned steps work. However, some of the times when you are using wireless printers this problem may persist because there could be an issue of IP address conflict. Every time you start your printer, the router assigns new IP address to the printer. In order to sync properly, the IP address of both, the router and the printer should match. So the best possible solution would be to assign a static IP address to the printer. In order to change the configuration, you would need to login to the web interface of the router and make the changes there.
  1. Try the spooling method as well. By restarting the printer spooling service, the problem might just get fixed. To run the spool service, open the run screen and type “services.msc” in the box. Once you click OK, a new screen will pop-up. Here you can see Print Spooler service. Right click on it and restart. Note one thing, that you need to login as an administrator to run the spooling service. Once completed, exit windows and restart computer again.
  1. There are other things as well that you can try like disabling the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) feature. In order to disable it, refer to the printer manual. Check the paper tray and ink. Sometimes these small things get unnoticed and give big problems. Always setup you printer as default. If your system is not picking your printer by default, then you need to manually select as default printer. However, this mostly happens when you have more than one printer installed. If you are using a network printer then try disabling the firewall as well because it may be interfering and making it offline.

If none of the above solutions work, then call customer support for help.


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