Sharing Printer Made Easy With These Steps On Windows 7

It is nowadays not difficult to find more than one computer in a home. Everyone needs their personal computer to work and everybody requires printers at least once in a lifetime. However, it is possible to find more than one computer in a home but usually every home has one printer. With technology so advanced, it is easy to connect a printer on a home network as well.

Sharing printer on a home network is an easy task. However, the steps to add a printer might vary from versions to versions on Windows. For instance, if you want to share a Printer on a Home Network in Windows 7 then the steps would be different as to Windows XP or 10. One of the biggest advantages of sharing a printer is that anyone can print document from anywhere in the house. But this is only possible if you have wireless printer. So, if you are trying to share a printer on home network, then follow these simple steps:-

  1. Allow file and printer sharing – As the name suggests, in this step you are trying to enable the sharing options for printer. Click on start<in the search box type “Network and sharing centre”< right click on “Run as administrator”< in the new window, select change advanced sharing settings< on the advanced sharing window you would see a chevron icon, click on it. Look for file and printer sharing option and click on “turn on file and printer sharing”< now click save changes < exit the window.
  1. Share printer – Once the sharing option is enabled, you can share the printer by going to start < devices and printers < select the printer you want to share and right click < select properties < in the properties window, click on sharing tab and select “share this printer” < in the share name box, you would see the name of your printer automatically will appear < click apply and then OK. Now exit the window.

The above mentioned steps are the easiest ways to share a printer over a network. But even before sharing the printer, you need to ensure that the printer drivers are installed on all the computers. Otherwise, printing might not work. So, if you have not yet installed the printer, follow these simple steps. Go to start < click on devices and printers < add printer < follow the instructions < install the printer. Once the printer is installed on all the computers, try to print and see if everybody is able to print from their system. If not then you would have to look for troubleshooting steps and then follow onscreen instructions.

Mostly, after following these steps, users are easily able to use printer on more than one device. As mentioned earlier, the steps for sharing printer may differ from versions to versions. The steps mentioned above will work fine on windows 7. For any other version, please refer to internet for installation and sharing process.


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