How Shrinking Text During Printing Is Beneficial For You

Saving money is the art that one needs to apply in every direction. This art becomes more critical when it comes to the printing job. Shrinking the text is an effective way that benefits you in many ways.


How to do it?

Before you know about the benefits if shrinking text, let’s talk about the technique of doing it. If you have any sort of the Windows program, just go the Print and the Properties. There you will find the printer setting where you can increase the number of pages per sheet. This lets you fit more text on one page.

Now, the benefits of doing so!


  1. It saves your time

When you have a too large amount of text to print, shrinking is the best way to do it. It helps you reduce the number of pages to print, which ultimately reduces the time period of printing everything. 

  1. It saves your paper

Shrinking text makes you print more text on a lesser number of pages than general. This allows you to print all within a limited use of paper, which is good for you and the earth. 

  1. It saves your money

Using a lesser number of papers helps you save a lot of money. Plus, you save the cost of frequently changing the cartridges, as the ink works for a longer period.

This kind of technique is very useful when you have spreadsheets and other long documents to print.

So, shrinking saves your time, paper, and money, which is an all-win case for you. However, if you find any difficulty in shrinking the text or any other issue, call the remote support.

Or, you can immediately call our toll-free number in order to get the assistance from our qualified technicians.

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