How To Use the Ink Cartridge To Its Maximum Capacity

Saving money on the printer ink requires you to make sure that you are using the cartridges to its maximum capacity. And this article saves you from doing that.

Here are a few things you can do to use the cartridges to its maximum capacity.

  1. Clean the cartridge

One thing you can do is cleaning of the cartridge. Whenever your printer says that the cartridge is empty, you can take out the cartridge and leave it in plain water for a while. This would remove all the dry ink left on the nozzles. After a few hours, you can gently blot it until it dries totally. Leave it for one night and use it again the next day. This will get you a little extra from that cartridge.

  1. Keep the nozzles wet

Keeping the nozzles wet is an effective habit to allowing all amounts of ink to be used. In order to do so, you need to frequently print a test page. This will allow the nozzle to stay wet all the time, which ultimately improves the efficiency of the cartridge.

  1. Understand the printer’s minimum limit

Many printers start sending signals even when there is a plenty amount of ink left in the cartridge. Hence, it is important to know what limit of ink is set for the printer. This will allow you to keep using the cartridge even after the printer sends the signal.

  1. Get professional’s help

In order to understand your printer’s functionality, you require professional help. The qualified technicians can suggest you the right type of cartridges and give you some effective tips regarding the model you are using.

So, that’s a wrap on this topic. If you find issues with your printer and cartridge performance, call immediately at our toll-free number.


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