How to Fix a Slow Running Computer

For the users of Microsoft Windows computer, here we are offering all the steps to fix a slow running computer.

  1. Try rebooting

Rebooting can resolve the problem of a slow running computer. So, try this first, it might work.

  1. Go to the task manager

If rebooting doesn’t work, you can go to the task manager. Here, you can see the background programs running, which is the possible reason the CPU is using the maximum memory here. You can disable the startup programs to get the speed back.

  1. Clear hard drive space

It is important to make sure that at least 200 to 500 MB is free on the hard drive for the optimal speed of the computer.

  1. Scan

Scanning can help you understand the reason your computer is running slow. Scan for viruses and malware, and remove if you find any troubling program.

  1. Update your windows

Many times, the older versions can slower the speed of the computer. Hence, it is important to make sure that you have the latest version of Windows installed on the computer. If not, update. This might be the reason your computer is running slow.

  1. Resolve device manager issues

You can also go the Device Manage and check out if there are any issues there. If yes, then resolve them to avoid any performance problem from there.

  1. Update the drivers

It is important that the drivers on your computer are compatible with the latest version of Windows. Hence, to get the quality speed, you need to update and install the drivers that are compatible with the Windows version.

  1. Look for SSD

SSD or the Solid State Drive can help you get the desired speed of the computer. These are better than regular hard drives and enhance the performance of the computer significantly.

  1. Registry cleaning

If none of the above methods work, then, you can conduct the registry cleaning to resolve the problem.


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