How to Stop Internet Popups for Good

If you get annoyed with the constant popups that come on the internet, use our four suggestions to get rid of it for good.

  1. Block from the browser

Your browser offers you a chance to block the popups.

In the Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can go to the tools to find the options. Inside Options, you can click on the Privacy and click check on the “Block pop-up”.

In the Google Chrome, you need to click on the Chrome menu. There you will find Settings, under which, you have to click on the Show Advanced Settings option. Inside that, you can block the pop-ups from the Content Settings option.

For Safari users, the preferences option shows you the path to the Security. Inside Security, you can click on the Block Pop-up option.

The same steps are applicable for the Mozilla Firefox. You just need to find the Preferences and Content settings inside the Firefox option.

  1. Get an extension

The extensions can help you get rid of the pop-ups. Almost all browsers support the extensions. You can go to the Tools (or to the Safari) and find a popup blocker extension from there.

  1. Get an advanced software

If you want some advanced features, you can invest and download the software that blocks certain types of popups. There are both free and paid options available. You can check out the features to make the decision.

  1. Check the privacy in your Hard Drive

In the Control Panel option, you can find the Internet Options. This will take you to multiple options, among which, you need to click on the Privacy tab. Here, you can click on the “Popup Blocker”.

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