What to Do When Windows Is Not Connecting to The Selected Network

For the users of Windows 7, many times network connectivity presents annoying problems. Here, we have provided a few simple steps to connect the Windows to connect to selected network.

  1. Resolve IP Address issue

Most of the times, the IP address presents this problem. You can restart the computer and try renewing and releasing the IP Address.

  1. Restart the router

The router sometimes disconnects the connection due to various interruptions. Hence, restarting the router can help you create the connection properly. You need to switch off the router for at least 30 seconds and start it again.

  1. Check the security settings

The security settings on the wireless router can restrict the connection. Hence, you need to go to the security settings and disable the security.

  1. Check the Network settings on the computer

For the assurance, you should check if the Network discovery option is enabled or not. If not, enable the Network Discovery, so that, your computer can find other networks.

  1. Troubleshoot the Network

Using the Network Troubleshooting tool for the Windows 7 can help you fix the problem for good. The option becomes available when you right-click on the wireless icon on the task bar.

  1. Reconnect the US adapters

For the users of wireless dongles, it would be a good idea to turn off the computer and unplug the connection totally. Then, restart and try making the connection again. Plus, you can uninstall the USB devices from the Device manager and try to reconnect.

Finally, try uninstalling the security software on your computer to make the connection. If nothing works, you should call our remote professional assistance. We have our toll-free number to provide immediate assistance and resolve all your problems regarding connectivity.


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