What to Do When Your Computer Shows Error and Stops the Startup

There are multiple kinds of computer failures. Sometimes it shows a blank screen during startup while, other times, you don’t even find a power at all. But, if you find an error message during the startup and it stops, there are a few simple steps you can follow to fix it.

Here are all the steps to follow when your computer shows an error and stops the startup.

  1. Correct documentation of the message

It is important that you document the error message correctly. The process of transcribing the message of error is the most necessary and critical part. If you make a slight mistake with the spellings, it can increase the time of fixing. You might end up resolving issues which are not actually there. Hence, make sure you have clearly understood and documented the error message.

  1. Troubleshoot specifically for the error

You need to troubleshoot the computer according to the problem you have. You should know that there are thousands of error messages possible. Hence, it is important to know the problem you have on your computer. In order to get a clear idea, you can search for the professional help. Once you know the exact problem, you can fix it on your own without wasting time.

  1. Contact remote support

Contacting a remote support would be the best bet to get the problem resolved. Especially, when you don’t have any sort of idea regarding the error message problems.

When you call the technicians, tell them the exact message that you see on the screen. With that, also provide the location of the error message and other information that you think might help.

You can call us for the remote support on our toll-free number. We will help you with error codes and all the important information to resolve the issue.


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