How to Check the Wi-Fi Signal and Reconnect Successfully

If your Wi-Fi is not able to connect to the device, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. With our complete guidance, you can connect successfully again.


Check the Wi-Fi status

You can be sure about the availability of the network by connecting another device to the same Wi-Fi. If it connects, then, there is no problem with the network availability. Then, you can move to the next step.


Look at the signal strength on your device

The signal strength on your device is what tells you how strongly it is receiving the Wi-Fi signal. The status bar of the device shows the sign of Wi-Fi. You can check the signal strength here. If the signal strength is weak, then, move to the next step.


Disable and enable the WiFi

You can try disabling and enabling the connection again on your device to establish a strong connection. For this, you need to go to the “Settings” and find out the option “Wi-Fi”. Enter inside, you will find the “ON/OFF” button there. Switch the connection off and enable it again after 10 seconds.

If this doesn’t work too, then, you can try the next step.


Forget and reconnect your network

In the same Wi-Fi Settings, you will find the name of the network you are connected to. You need to tap on that network and select the “Forget Network” option. Now, you can establish the connection again with the same network.


Restart your device

If nothing mentioned above works, then, you can try restarting your device. Just press and hold the power button for a while until it shows a few power options. Among those power options, you will find “Restart”. Click on it and let the device start again.
You can now try to create the connection again.


Contact your network provider

If nothing works, then, it would be better to contact your network provider.However, you can also reset your device, but it totally deletes all of the data, apps, personal information and settings as well.

You can call on our toll-free number for any further help or support.


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