How to Get the MS Office Back After Restoring the Laptop Or PC

There are many reasons you can feel the need for Restoring Windows on your computer or laptop. Getting rid of the malware and viruses are the most common reasons why users reformat their computers.

As you know, this process removes all of the files such as photos, music, videos, and documents as well from the system. In fact, it also removes the installed MS office from your computer as well. This doesn’t happen only to the computers, in which, the MS Office comes installed in the PC.

Hence, it is important to backup Microsoft office before reformatting hard drive. To do that, you need to follow these steps mentioned below.

  1. Get the original product key

Before you restore your laptop or PC, make sure you have the original product key. This 2-digit long key is also known as the activation code or the serial number.

If you have it, great! But in case you don’t, then, you can get the help from the paid or non-paid utilities to get the key again.

You need to do this before restoring the computer.

  1. Get the installation disc

You need to have the installation CD or the DVD. You can also get the installation media from the optical drive. But if none of these options are available for you, try downloading.

You can go to the Microsoft’s website and select the required link. On the download link, you will have to enter the product key and verify your own Office.

Use these steps and keep the MS Office while restoring the Laptop or PC.

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