What to Do When You Are Unable to Connect to A Wireless Network

Most of the times, some common issues can restrict you from creating a successful wireless network. Here, we have given all the tips for you to follow when such a problem comes in front of you.

  1. Check the wireless password

The WPA security password can change if you change the wireless settings of the router. This restricts you from connecting to the network. Hence, you need to check the wireless security settings of the router to ensure that you are entering the correct wireless password.

Then, remove or forget the wireless network from your device and reconnect to resolve the wireless problem windows 7.

  1. Check the range of the router

The stability of the wireless connection depends on the distance between the router and the device. As the distance increases, the waves of mobile phones, microwave oven, and other wireless devices start disrupting the connection. Hence, you can place the router in the nearest possible range of the device to get a stable connection.

  1. Check the adapter drivers

You should also check the adapter drivers. Usually, the outdated adapter drivers become a big problem. If your computer doesn’t have the latest drivers, it will cause troubles in creating a network connection. So, if you find the Windows 10 Wi-Fi issue, try to update your drivers to ensure quality network connection.

  1. Check the router’s filter setting

If your router has some sort of limitations regarding the connectivity, you need to add your device in it. This filter limitation only allows certain wireless connections. So, make sure you check your router’s filter setting. If you find issues, contact your network provider.

  1. Change the router

If you have damaged or very old router, there is a good chance that its functionality has gone bad. Hence, it would be better to replace it with a new one.

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